Unique Careers

©2010 Yann Duarte

People I’ve known with unique careers:

  • Dad – Antiques, Horse Training, Jewelry, Bamboo, Circus
  • Grandpa & Grandma – Airplanes
  • Uncle Eric – Locksmith
  • Gene – Softball fields; shot at the big leagues
  • Armina – Acting/directing/acting coach
  • Joseph – Cabinet maker
  • Mike B. – Wood crafts
  • Scott Hammond – EMT
  • Mario – Firefighter
  • Tiona – Professional barista
  • Grandma – Word processor when personal computing was very new
  • Michael – Online jewelry sales

Who have you known with an unusual career?


Written by: Angela Magnotti Andrews
Instructions: Make a list of people you’ve know who have had unusual jobs/careers.
Writing Exercise Source: Crafting the Personal Essay, by Dinty W. Moore (Writer’s Digest Books, 2010)

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