Plant Envy is the true story of one woman’s determination to thrive in the face of disappointment, disenchantment, and disillusionment. Angela married a musician in 1996. Twenty years later, she laments that he has not once picked up his guitar since they made their vows. Instead, he traded in his music stand for a watering wand and now spends the majority of his free time nurturing a collection of over four hundred hardy subtropical and xeric plants. Over the course of those twenty years, Angela’s husband has longed for her to come around and accept his passionate obsession. But how can she? These plants have imposed themselves upon her against her will. They have become the mistress whom she has been forced to accept. They have invaded every nook and cranny of her life with the relentless tenacity of English Ivy.

Will Angela set aside her bitter envy of all things green?

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