My Mom and Dads

Full of Colour by JLK_254

Dinty W. Moore, who wrote Crafting the Personal Essay peppers his book with an amazing array of writing exercises and writing prompts. In this exercise, I’ve written down a list under the following memory categories: Cars My Dad Drove; Women My Dad Loved; Joseph’s Home Improvements; and Mom’s Routines.

Cars My Dad Drove

  • Mercedes
  • Jeep Cherokee
  • Honda Accord

Women My Dad Loved

  • My mom
  • Aloa
  • Woman from NJ
  • Woman from Internet
  • Melissa
  • Lisa
  • Simonne

Joseph’s Home Improvements

  • Drilling down silverware trays
  • Drilling shut the windows
  • Locking the TV
  • Kitchen remodel
  • Cubby hole

Mom’s Routines

  • Homework on the couch (textbooks, highlighter, TV)
  • Homework at Gladmoor Park (up to knees rule, seaweed story, picnics, sodas)
  • Eating out when running errands
  • Cutting veggies, making food (not cooking), cleaning kitchen
  • Paying bills at table
  • Making mochas
  • Reading on porch swing after work
  • Inspections (which continued well after I was married)
  • Saturday morning chores (with music)
  • Dancing in the dining room with Joseph
  • TV and cross-stitching/games
  • Gardening (wheelbarrow loads to white Toyota truck; truck past expiration date for one purpose only; parking strip; Gene’s garden; white garden; bunny poop; veggie gardens)
  • Teasing – table & bathroom
  • Wake-up rituals (well into college and sometimes even now)
  • Morning Bible study time
  • Hair and makeup routine
  • Movies and foot rubs
  • Grocery shopping at Albertson’s (checking receipts)
  • Always having an answer (“I don’t know” is a 4-letter word)

Even with this list, my mom comes to life in my memories.

What do you remember about your mom and dad?


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