My Hidden Quirks

An Umbrella in the Dark by Tom Mrazek

Another writing prompt from Dinty W. Moore – List Your Hidden Quirks

  • I obsessively collected rocks and shells until my husband shamed me out of the habit. I still have a shell collection from 1993, when my mom took me to Clearwater Beach, Florida.
  • I used to read the dictionary and the thesaurus for fun. My mom had a full set of Encyclopedia Britannica that came with a 3-volume set of Webster’s Third International Dictionary. I used to sit on the carpet in front of the bookshelf and read through the words in the dictionary. This year my mom and I made a sad decision to part with the set, but I could not part with the three brown volumes. I hope one day to find one of my children poring over them intently, though with the Internet that may be a pipe dream.
  • I collect books that I don’t always read. I love the idea of reading them, but I don’t always get to them. I’ve begun to examine my reasons for this, but I’m not quite ready to share yet. Still processing.
  • I am SOOOO messy. A young man and his dad came by today. The young man is autistic, and I loved watching him go throughout our house, exploring and picking up random items to try them out. He walked all through the house, and even into the garden. I welcomed him and his dad to “Chaos,” a cluttered place of piles and random projects in the works that often invades my home, especially on mornings like today when my baby cries for an hour and I have to take a nap when it’s all over. After 20 minutes of exploring, this young man looked up at me and said, “How do you get anything done around here?” Hahaha! I said, “I often don’t.”
  • I have kept a journal since I was in middle school. I’ve filled notebook after notebook with Bible verses, deep and shallow thoughts, teenage angst, chronicles of my many days, ideas and plans – all written by hand. I have kept every single one of these journals over the years. They’re in several boxes in several different closets and cupboards around my house. I have done this ever since reading Anne Frank’s diaries, thinking that one day someone will come across my diaries and consider them an important window into the decades in which I lived.
  • I am obsessed with office supplies. If I could buy thumb tacks, post-it notes, highlighters, pens, notebooks, and paper clips every day, I totally would. Target and Office Depot are my favorite shopping spots for office supplies. Target because there’s just something about Target that makes me happy when I walk through those doors. I wish their supply was better, because I don’t really like Office Depot. I go there because they have a better selection than Target.

What is your most unusual quirk?


Written by: Angela Magnotti Andrews

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