Family Meals and Rituals

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Another writing prompt from Dinty W. Moore’s fabulous book, Crafting the Personal Essay. He instructs his readers to make a list of family meals and rituals. These will serve as excellent memory joggers for writing short or long snippets of personal memoir. Here is my list:


  • Pasta
  • Egg Fu Yuk
  • 3 Squares and Broccoli
  • Joseph’s Sauce
  • Mom’s Fudge – cats and Peek Freans
  • Grandma’s Turkey and Mashed Potatoes
  • Aunt Sherri’s Green Bean Casserole


  • Mom’s homework at Gladmoor Park
  • Dinner together at the table
  • Mom doing it all herself
  • Loud Magnotti gatherings
  • Mathews gatherings with games and puzzles
  • Dad cooking and washing silverware with just water
  • Sitting in kitchen with mom while she cooks
  • Linda’s Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners (cooking with not beside; alien and beautiful)

Which family recipes and rituals come to mind for you? How far back to they take you?

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