A Change of Seasons

“Wading Godwit” by Ingrid Taylar on Flickr

After more than a year out of the writing loop, I’m finally getting my feet wet again. The reason for my absence has a name now – Jordan. He is a delightful 4-month-old whose schedule supersedes my own every single day. Thankfully, he’s finally sleeping for longer stretches at night, and I find my brain is ready to write once again.

As I begin new research and writing projects, I plan to continue fine-tuning all of my different sites, finding the best ways to connect you with my current and past writing projects. As you may have noticed, I’ve changed the focus of this website to fit my needs as an author and writer.

For those of you looking for more on The Brain, you will soon find a collection of posts, resources, and workshop offerings on a stand-alone website (currently under construction). If you live in the Seattle area, keep a watch on Sno-Isle Libraries for my workshop called FitBrain. It will be offered several times a year at the Camano Island branch.

From here forward this site will feature my more current projects, including my books (Books) & current articles (Articles), a record of my writing practice (Drills), my book and movie reviews (Reviews), as well as my favorite quotes (Quotes) and my pet word project (WordLove).

Though the focus of this website has changed, I plan to leave the archived posts where they are with links to the new site(s) for more information (when the websites are ready).

Eventually, as my schedule allows, you’ll find information on how to contact me for help with your writing projects (MyCoach), to book me for speaking engagements (BookMe), and to purchase books, e-books, and workshop materials (MyStore). I look forward to this new season and am glad to be able to share with you my passion for words.